Guinot Retail Products

Pamper Me Bristol stock a comprehensive range of Guinot retail products, If you can’t make it to the salon to purchase products simply email us your requirements and we will quote you for your desired products, we can dispatch stock products using a quick insured courier service, you can buy multiple brands/products and pay only one delivery charge.

Moisturising Products for Dehydrated skin

crème hydra beautéGuinot Crème Hydra Beauté  Moisturising Cream Dehydrated skin. Rehydrates the epidermis. Increases cellular cohesion and restores the skin’s protective film helping to retain moisture and reduce evaporation. Quenches the thirst of dehydrated skins,  Reduces the feeling of tight skin whilst Protecting & soothing.

hydrazoneGuinot Hydrazone A Continuous Source of Hydration for the Skin, Provides a non-stop source of hydration to the three main areas of the skin due to “hydrocyte” liposomes. Retains water in the skin. Enables optimal and continuous hydration. Refreshes and softens skin & Enhances the skin’s radiance

hydra cellulaire sérumGuinot Hydra Cellulaire Sérum  Water “Perfusion” Dehydrated skin, Perfuses water to the core of cells and brings cells which do not have enough water back to life. The face shines with beauty. Small wrinkles are smoothed out and plumped.

Guinot Masque Hydra Beauté Drenches the skin in a bath of moisture. Drenches the skin in a bath of moisture, plumping cells in the upper layers of the epidermis. With an Immediate hydrating effect which makes the skin supple and velvety-smooth. Refreshes and revives radiance.

Rejuvenating creams

Guinot base vital antiridesGuinot Base Vital Antirides  Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream

Through instant deep-down anti-wrinkle action, Base Vital Antirides facilitates the renewal of cells, which make up the foundation of the epidermis. Smoothes the appearance wrinkles, protects the skin and recreates the radiance of young skin.

GUINOT crème 888 vital anti ridesGuinot Crème 888 Vital Anti Rides Regenerating Anti-wrinkle Night Cream

Deep instant anti-wrinkle action, which enables skin to regain its youth, by reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Visibly fills wrinkles. Recreates cell vitality. The skin regains suppleness and comfort

Guinot pleine vieGuinot Pleine Vie ”Youth reactivating” cream

Slows the effects of ageing by compensating the deficiencies of mature skin. Awakens cell activity and vital skin functions through a reinforced anti-radical action. Recreates the radiance and comfort of young skin – Reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

age logic cellulaireGuinot Age Logic Cellulaire Youth renewing skin cream

Recreates the appearance of young skin by providing the 56 active ingredients essential to cell life. They are necessary for the renewal and the longevity of cells.

longue vie cellulaireGuinot Longue Vie Cellulaire Youth ”regeneration” care cream

Recreates young skin by providing the 56 substances vital to cell life, which are necessary for the renewal and the longevity of cells

time logic age serumGuinot Time Logic Age Serum Anti-ageing serum which repairs at night for beauty all day long.

Promotes regeneration and skin cell activity during the night. During the daytime, the skin looks younger and glows with a new radiance.

Guinot serum longue vieGuinot Sérum Longue Vie A “youth perfusion” administered to the cores of cells

Thanks to the richness of Guinot’s Cellular Life Complex, Sérum Longue Vie activates vital functions, resulting in skin which appears younger. “Perfuses” youth active ingredients, which trigger vital functions.

– Restores and prolongs cell vitality

Guinot masque vital antiridesGuinot Masque Vital Antirides Instant anti-fatigue and anti-wrinkle mask

Dermostimulines-DNA smoothes lines and erases signs of fatigue.- Effect: the skin and the complexion appear younger.

Firming Products

Guinot base 777 energie liftGuinot Base 777 Energie Lift Lifting Day Cream

Speeds up the renewal of cells and energises the production of elastic fibres and collagen, while slowing degradation (due to dermostimulines and vitamin C).
– Visibly smoothes and tones the skin.
– Mends the mesh of elastic tissue and tightens facial features.

Guinot crème energie liftGuinot Crème Energie Lift Firming night cream

Reinforces support tissue by regenerating elastic fibres (collagen, elastin). Refirms the facial features. For a luminous complexion first thing in the morning

Guinot liftosomeGuinot Crème Liftosome ”Lifting” effect cream Recreates firm skin by increasing the production of elastin and collagen fibres, while protecting them thanks to procollagen.
– Tightens facial features.
– Rejuvenates the appearance of the face.
– Firms the skin.

Guinot serum energie lift Sérum Energie Lift , a regenerating beauty “perfusion” of firmness Firming action which reinforces the elasticity of the skin thanks to dermostimulines and a high concentration of vitamin C.

– Immediately smoothes out facial features.
– Revives cell vitality.
– For “firming” effectiveness.

Guinot masque energie lift

Guinot Masque Energie Lift, Immediate Lifting Radiance Mask The stimulating energy of vitamin C on the synthesis of collagen and the regenerating powers of dermostimulines, for a rejuvenated complexion. Reduces signs of fatigue from the complexion and smoothes facial features immediately:-
– Activates cell functions
– Illuminates the complexion, enhancing radiance.

Eye Products

Guinot hydra démaquillant yeux Guinot Hydra Démaquillant Yeux Gentle Eye Cleansing Gel – Make-up removing gel, which strengthens the eyelashes. Gently removes eye make-up from eyelashes.No prickly sensations during cleansing. Suitable for contact lens wearers.

Guinot agelogic yeux Age Logic Yeux Intelligent Cell Renewal for Eyes More than just youth care, Intelligent Cell Renewal for Eyes creates new cell activity using the energy of ATP, the biological energy molecule.

– The vitality and firmness of the eye contour are improved.
– Wrinkles and crow’s feet are visibly smoothed.
– The eyelids are toned and look lifted

Guinot longue vie yeux Guinot Longue Vie Yeux, Crème Lift Jeunesse des Yeux Restores a youthful appearance to eyelids and eye contours.

– Youth effect in the heart of the cells.
– Smoothes and refreshes eyelids.

Guinot anti-fatigue yeux Guinot Anti-Fatigue Yeux, Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel – Heavy Eyelids, Shadows, Bags

Double action: against dark circles, drains and helps prevent under eye ‘bags’ Reduces signs of fatigue. Refreshing effect, which makes heavy eyelids feel more comfortable.