Hot Wax, Pot & Spatula Waxing & Threading Bristol

Hot Wax, Warm Wax & Threading – Brazilian – Hollywood –  Bikini Line – Leg – Arm – Eye Brow Shape – Bristol

All Types of Waxing in Salon

Our Clifton salon offers both Hot Wax & Pot Spatula Cremé Wax for all areas including Bikini line wax Brazilian Wax, Hollywood waxing, all forms of female waxing (some male waxing treatments) and Threading – we use high quality anti-bacterial Gentle Tea Tree Cremé wax –  it’s soothing & healing properties help to leave you soft & smooth, gentle on even the most sensitive skins along with Outback Organics Hot Wax with innovative natural extracts from the coastline, forests and bush lands of Australia offering  botanical skin care solutions with an Aussie twist.

outback organics Hot WaxIntroducing Outback Organics – the fastest growing Hot Wax Brand! This peelable Wax is Designed to make waxing a first class experience from start to finish, Outback Gold is tough on hair but gentle on skin.

A buttery soft peelable wax applied in the direction of hair growth and removed against, the same as strip wax. Spread in thin, single layers and peeled off by hand. Outback Gold remains supple when cool and removes cleanly from the skin, with no stickiness or unpleasant residue, plus its low melting point means improved comfort on the most sensitive of body parts.

Your Waxing treatment is followed by a complimentary after wax lotion if desired

If you have never been waxed before and are worried about this treatment then please do speak to our therapist who will put your mind at rest, even with the most intimate types of waxing. We always have paper briefs in stock for modesty if desired.

We offer the following Hair Removal treatments, full descriptions are at the bottom of the page should you need more information:-

  • Brazilian waxing – Landing Strip (Hot or Strip Wax)
  • Hollywood waxing – All off   (Hot or Strip Wax)
  • Bikini Line wax – high and standard (Hot or Strip Wax)
  • Full Leg wax, Half Leg wax or Upper Leg wax
  • Arms – Full arm, Forearm upper or under arm wax (Under Arm Hot or Strip Wax)
  • Eye Brow Shape or Eye Brow threading
  • Lip Wax or Lip Threading
  • Chin wax and Face Wax or Chin & Face Thread
  • Stomach / Tummy Wax
  • Back Wax
  • Shoulder Wax

We also offer Male Grooming including Wax Treatments for Men:-

  • Men’s Back Wax
  • Men’s Chest Wax
  • Men’s Arms and Legs
  • We regret we do not offer male intimate waxing

Ingrowing hair

We can offer practical advice for in growing hair problems and will always recomend the use of a growth inhibitoor to help relieve this problem – which also can help to extend time between appointments. We stock Guinot Epil Confort a retail product which can be purchased in salon.

Depil Logic Corps

Moisturising anti-hair regrowth gel

This anti-hair regrowth and soothing gel, enriched with Bulbaine®, enables you to have the appearance of hairless skin for longer: hair grows back more slowly, thinner and lighter-coloured.
– Slows down hair regrowth.
– Makes hair removal easier.

Bulbaine® A complex with a plant and marine origin, which prolongs the beneficial effects of hair removal, making it more effective and comfortable.

brazilian WaxBrazilian Waxing – Brazilian waxing is full removal of pubic hair leaving a fine line (or Landing Strip) of Hair, this is the most popular form of waxing our Bristol Salon provides. We use as with all our waxing a pot, spatula, Strip and a gentle Anti-bacterial Tea Tree Cream Wax, if need be individual hairs will be tweezered.  The benefits to Brazilian waxing? You’ll feel all clean and shiny, and you’ll be slick during intercourse. The results will last anywhere from ten days to three weeks depending on your rate of hair growth, with no maintenance. Overtime, time between salon visits will be extended as growth will slow and your hair will become finer. The process is not pain free on the first occasion, but it is a treatment we carry out everyday & our therapist our both quick and accurate reducing discomfort time and they will look after you every step of the way. An after wax can then be applied.

Hollywood Waxing – Like a Brazilian this is an intimate area wax, in this instance all hair is removed with no landing strip left.

Bikini Wax – The standard Bikini line removes all the hair outside the panty line

High Bikini Wax – Takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a regular bikini wax. It leaves more flexibility than a regular bikini line  for when choosing underwear. Our therapist will tell you if they feel a Hi-Bikini is more appropriate for you if you have simply booked a standard Bikini line.

 threading Facial Waxing and Threading – We provide facial waxing as required for the client, this includes, Lip and Chin, sides of face and Eye Brows, we also offer hi-definition brows in the form of tinting, thread and Hi-Brow kits as well as Lash tinting, Extensions and Perming.  We have a dedicated section for Beauty treatments for your Eyes, including facials to deal with crows feet around the eyes.legwax

Waxing for Legs, Arms, Under Arms – We provide packages to include Full leg and different types of bikini Wax as well as Half-Leg, thighs, Upper leg additionally we provide full arm waxing along with Fore-Arm or / & Under-Arm wax. Additionally Tummy / Stomach Waxing can be provided, if you are in for a wax and have an embarrassing area please do not be afraid to ask your therapist to deal with this area as well.

chestwaxMale / Mens Waxing – We offer standard Male Waxing, we do not provide Back, Sack and Crack, but we do offer Chest Waxing and Back Waxes as well as shoulders & full body . Pricing is as per our price list and is dependent on the growth / time required. if you also require a spray tan please bare in mind that due to wax residue we will not provide this treatment until the following day after you have showered and exfoliated to ensure an even result. This is a popular combination for men whom like to take care of themselves.